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We have signed an advisory agreement for the construction of the Mokotow Town Hall in a Public-Private Partnership (PPP)

January 8, 2024

On September 15, 2014, Aleksander Dżoga, President of the Management Board of ECM Group Polska S.A., and Leszek Drogosz, Director of the Infrastructure Office of the Capital City of Warsaw, in the presence of the Deputy Mayor of Mokotow, Krzysztof Skolimowski, signed an agreement for “comprehensive advisory services for the preparation of the construction project of the Warsaw City Hall in the Mokotow District in a public-private partnership.”

The new seat of the Mokotow Town Hall is planned on an undeveloped plot of land on Puławska Street, near the Mokotow Water Park of the Warszawianka Foundation and sports facilities of KS Warszawianka.

The main goals of the project are:

  1. To improve the functioning of the administration and facilitate the realization of the local community’s needs through easier access, increased work comfort, and better service for residents,
  2. To construct the Town Hall for Mokotow and to use rationally the potential of properties after the former units of the Mokotow office to deliver benefits, particularly – reducing fees for availability under the PPP agreement,
  3. Comprehensive and final spatial development of the investment area designated for the Town Hall and properties indicated for use in the project, ensuring spatial order, flexible functionality of space usage, rational use of land, emphasizing the natural and cultural qualities of its location.

The new investment will particularly meet requirements regarding: necessary space, type and number of rooms, technical infrastructure (including convenient access and transport services), energy efficiency (resulting in lower operating costs), and legal regulations.

The contracting authority expects advice from experienced specialists, technical experts, designers, financiers, economists, and lawyers who will: propose an optimal solution – combining the choice of public and private cooperation model (extent of private partner involvement) with the investment variant expected from the private partner, related to the possibility of rational use of municipal properties proposed by the contracting authority for the project; help select clauses in the documentation of the procedure for choosing a private partner for the Project that best protect the legal and economic interests of the public side, while ensuring the interest of private partners in joining the project; carry out the entire procedure of selecting a private partner in cooperation with the Contracting Authority, ensuring the realization of the set goals for the advisory and the project.

The work schedule expected from the advisor assumes, in the first stage, the performance of multi-criteria analyses, as a result of which the advisor will present the contracting authority with the recommended project solution and the specific conditions of the PPP will be agreed upon. Then, the advisor is expected to prepare complete documentation for the announcement of the procedure for selecting a private partner to implement the investment project – planned for the last quarter of 2014. The City of Warsaw has reserved about 12 months from the announcement for conducting, with the support of the advisor, the selection procedure (competitive dialogue with interested PPP parties). It is assumed that by November 2015 a private partner will be selected, with whom a contract will be signed and the investment will be implemented.

More information about the investment can be found at: http://www.um.warszawa.pl/