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The construction of a public transportation integration system for the city of Rzeszów has been completed

December 18, 2023

On June 10, 2015, a conference was held in Rzeszów to summarize the project “Construction of a Public Transportation Integration System for the City of Rzeszów and its Surroundings.” The conference was attended by representatives from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, local authorities, contractors, and employees of ECM Group Polska, who served as project managers and oversaw the implementation of the investment.

The conference provided an opportunity for a collaborative exchange of experiences regarding the implementation of a strategic project for the City of Rzeszów and its surroundings. It also showcased the unique scope of the project and the possibilities of managing transportation using the Rzeszów Intelligent Transport System.

In the years 2011-2015, the Municipality of Rzeszów implemented the project “Construction of a Public Transportation Integration System for the City of Rzeszów and its Surroundings,” with the main goal of improving the functionality of public transportation by enhancing access to the central areas of the city and ensuring efficient transportation within Rzeszów. The unique and complex scope of the project focused on three pillars:

  1. Reconstruction and expansion of the local transportation network, including the expansion of nearly 9 kilometers of the city’s main road arteries: Podkarpacka Street and Dąbrowskiego Street, Lubelska Street, Rejtana Avenue, and the road junction at Wyzwolenia Avenue and Warszawska Street. Additionally, 11 intersections, 7 bus stops, and two bus loops were modernized, and dedicated bus lanes were introduced in the city center.

2. Acquisition of modern bus fleet, which involved the delivery of 80 modern and comfortable city buses that meet strict environmental standards (EEV), including 30 powered by environmentally friendly compressed natural gas (CNG).

3. Design and implementation of the Rzeszów Intelligent Transport System, which is the most innovative and unique element of the project, supporting traffic and public transportation management in the city.

Project Value: 333,110,068.93 PLN

EU Funding Amount: 250,555,783.35 PLN

For more information about the project, please visit: http://transport.erzeszow.pl/