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TAURON Ciepło Contract Signed

January 7, 2024

On May 16, 2014, in Katowice, an agreement was entered into for the role of Contract Engineer for the duration of the project entitled “Adaptation of the ZW Katowice source to the heat market needs after 2015.”

The agreement was signed between, on one side: TAURON Ciepło Limited Liability Company, represented by Piotr Dziubałtowski – Vice President of the Board and Artur Bałdys – Vice President of the Board, and on the other side ECM GROUP Polska S.A., based in Warsaw, and Energotechnika – Energorozruch S.A., based in Gliwice, a consortium of companies represented by Aleksander Dżoga – President of the Board of ECM Group Polska.

The subject of the contract is the implementation of investment tasks for the project “Adaptation of the ZW Katowice source to the heat market needs after 2015.” This includes the realization in the “Adjust, Design and Build” formula as the general contractor for the construction of 3 oil-and-gas boilers with a total power of approximately 114 MWt, including two primarily powered by natural gas, along with accompanying infrastructure at ZW Katowice, and the design of three water boilers with accompanying infrastructure, including gas connection, fuel oil management, and boiler control and automation installations, as an expansion of the existing combined heat and power plant, along with obtaining a construction permit.