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przebieg inwestycji - Tworog Tworzen


Gas pipeline Tworóg – Tworzeń

April 6, 2018

06.04.2018 ECM GmbH and Gaz-System S.A. signed the contract for investor supervision of construction of gas pipeline Twarów – Tworzeń, length 55,2 km, diameter 1000 mm, pressure 8,4 MPa.

The gas pipeline will run along the existing high pressure gas pipeline in the counties: Twaróg, Tarnowskie Góry, Miasteczko Śląskie, Ożarowice, Mierzęcice, Siewierz, Dądrowa Górnicza.

przebieg inwestycji - Tworog Tworzen

Source: http://www.gaz-system.pl

The investment will locally increase the safety and reliability of gas transmission. For the country it will also increase the level of diversification of gas sources.

The gas pipeline Twaróg – Tworzeń will be also a part of gas corridor North – South connecting LNG terminal in Świnoujście with planned LNG Terminal in Croatia.

More info about the project in leaflet: Twaróg – Tworzeń