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European Medal Awarded for the 4th Time!

January 7, 2024

On June 4, 2014, in the Redoubt Halls of the Grand Theatre – National Opera in Warsaw, the finale of the 25th edition of the European Medal took place. The ceremony was attended by the laureates – entrepreneurs from the Business Centre Club, as well as distinguished representatives of the academic world – recipients of the Honorary European Medals.

On behalf of Aleksander Dżoga, the president of ECM Group Polska, the “European Medal” for services rendered by the company was received from Marek Goliszewski, president of BCC, Grażyna Majcher-Magdziak, chairwoman of the Verification Commission, and Gen. Leon Komornicki, member of the BCC Organizational Council, by Adriana Słomska, director of the management board office.

During the ceremony, Zbigniew Żurek, vice-president of BCC, read a letter from Henri Malosse, chairman of the European Economic and Social Committee, addressed to the laureates of the European Medal:

“It is with pleasure that I support an initiative of great significance for business, not only in Poland but across the entire European Union. As a former Chairman of the employers’ group in the Committee, I know how important entrepreneurs are for the prosperity of societies. For Europe to compete effectively with other economies, we need good, innovative products and services. While the crisis still threatens us, I congratulate the laureates for their contribution to the global economy, particularly the Polish economy. Your achievements are all the more deserving of recognition. Congratulations to all the nominees!”

Later, the guests were welcomed by Marek Goliszewski with the words:

  • Charles de Gaulle said: “Between states, there are no friendships, only interests.” President Barack Obama stated that the USA would do business with Poland, the greatest friend of the United States. However, to make this successful, intellectual and economic potential is needed. Today we award Medals to individuals and companies representing both potentials. We honor your effort, work, and achievements that mark the global circle. This is an indication for entrepreneurs to engage more deeply with the scientific community, and for scientists to undertake broader cooperation with entrepreneurs. It is also a signal for politicians to go on the offensive to unleash Polish entrepreneurship. Only then will we be an equal partner for the USA. The prophecy of George Friedman will come true – Poland will become one of the five global powers in this century – also thanks to you.

Congratulations to the awardees were extended by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Artur Nowak-Far, who said:

  • I thank the BCC for organizing this ceremony, for honoring and presenting us with outstanding Polish enterprises. From the perspective of Polish diplomacy, your role is invaluable, as you are, thanks to your commitment, the best ambassadors of the “Poland” brand. I wish there were as many of you as possible in our country, as you create the strength of our society. Your actions abroad are very interesting, and we must be ready to help you there. On this special day for Poland, the day we commemorate that 25 years ago new opportunities opened for us, I wish you entrepreneurial winds in your sails, sail across the seas and oceans of all the world’s economies.