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Budowa dworca kolejowego Kraków Główny zintegrowanego z miejskim transportem publicznym


ERTMS – shorter traveling time and higher level of safety – railway from Kraków to Rzeszów

January 25, 2018

25.01.2018 ECM Group Polska S.A. and Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. signed the contract for engineering supervision of the project “Implementation of ERTMS/ETCS level 2 on line E30 Podłęże – Rzeszów”.

ERTMS (European Traffic Management System) level 2 is based on wireless communication system GSM-R and modern IT technologies. The system consists of two elements: European Train Control System (ETCS) and communication system GSM – Railways (GSM-R). To use the system the on-board devices in the train shall be compatible.

Budowa dworca kolejowego Kraków Główny zintegrowanego z miejskim transportem publicznym

Due to the ETCS, the localization and speed of trains are permanently verified by sensors placed on rails, so called erobalis, that send information about any changes on the rails to the train adapted to the system. The driver can get all information such as: conditions, allowed speed, other trains localization immediately. The system analyses the decisions of the driver and in case of ignoring the warnings, can lower the speed of the train to adapt to certain conditions.

The addition to ETCS is the wireless communication system GSM-R. It ensures the exchange of information between the on-board system and radio control center (RBC). It allows audio connection between people responsible for safety – duty officers, dispatchers, drivers and technical support service.

ERTMS implementation allows the increasing of the speed with keeping the highest safety standards. Better management of the train traffic influences the quantity of accidents.

Implementation of the system in Poland will allow the trains going abroad to cross the European borders freely.