We ensure complex investment realization – starting with document preparation, technical support, design preparation, through investor supervision, being substitute investor, investment management up to final financial investment settlement, start up and other activities necessary for final acceptance of the investment.



ECMG oversees the public safety system at WWK (Railway) stations.

December 18, 2023

On February 13, 2015, an agreement was signed between PKP S.A. and ECMG GmbH – a subsidiary of ECM Group Polska S.A. The agreement pertains to “Performing the role of Works Coordinator and Investor Supervision Inspector for tasks related to the design and implementation of the public safety system at the railway stations of the Warsaw Railway Junction (WWK); the design and construction of a fiber optic line for the integrated WWK safety system.”

The agreement involves providing services for the management, coordination, and investor supervision of investment tasks carried out at the following railway stations within the Warsaw Railway Junction:

  • Warsaw Central Station
  • WKD Warsaw Śródmieście Station
  • Warsaw Śródmieście Station
  • Warsaw Ochota Station
  • Warsaw Zachodnia Station
  • Warsaw Powiśle Station
  • Warsaw Stadion Station (listed in the municipal heritage registry)
  • Warsaw Wschodnia Station
  • Warsaw Wileńska Station
  • Warsaw Gdańska Station
  • Warsaw Chopin Airport Station