We ensure complex investment realization – starting with document preparation, technical support, design preparation, through investor supervision, being substitute investor, investment management up to final financial investment settlement, start up and other activities necessary for final acceptance of the investment.


ECMG GmbH will supervise the S-51 expressway.

December 18, 2023

On November 4, 2014, in Olsztyn, an agreement was signed between the State Treasury – General Director of National Roads and Motorways and a consortium of companies: ECMG GmbH – a subsidiary of ECM Group Polska S.A. and SGS Polska Sp. z o.o. The agreement pertained to “Supervising the implementation of works and managing the contract for the construction of the S-51 expressway on the Olsztyn – Olsztynek section.”

As part of the service, the consortium of companies, ECMG GmbH, and SGS Polska will manage, exercise control, and provide investor supervision. They will also collaborate with the Ordering Party’s services in terms of reporting and promoting the implementation of the EU Project. Additionally, as a consultant, they will perform tasks assigned to the Engineer.

The investment involves the expansion of National Road No. 51 into a dual-carriageway expressway on the Olsztyn-Olsztynek section, from km 96+467.80 to km 109+815.36, including the construction of service roads, engineering structures, and environmental protection facilities. The beginning of the road expansion is located after the intersection with County Road No. 1370N in Tomaszkowo, and the end of the route is in Ameryka, at the junction with the Olsztynek bypass. To maintain connections with the adjacent area, the construction of a parallel collector road with a bituminous surface is planned, which will be connected to existing county and municipal roads and various localities: Dorotowo, Stawiguda, Miodówko, Gryźliny, Ameryka.

The described collector road is connected to two road junctions: the “Stawiguda” junction at km 101+620.08 and the “Gryźliny” junction at km 107+306.50, allowing access to the planned expressway in all directions.