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Conversation with Krzysztof Kałuża, the Operational Director of ECM Group Polska about BIM

January 8, 2024

BIM, or Building Information Modeling, is slowly but consistently changing the landscape of Polish construction. The system is not yet widely used in the industry, but it has the potential to become the fundamental tool for Polish builders in the near future.

Tons of documentation, projects, drawings, and descriptions are the daily bread of everyone involved in the construction process. Computer software comes to the rescue, becoming more sophisticated each year. Currently in Poland, a new form of object realization and construction process management is developing – BIM (Building Information Modeling). “BIM is the digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of a facility supported by a database of knowledge about it. That’s one definition. In practice, BIM means, first: a computer tool that allows creating three-dimensional, virtual models of the planned building along with information collected throughout the entire process, and even after completion, as support for the designer, investor, contractor, and facility manager; second: an approach to the construction process from the beginning to the end of the investment (…)”

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