We ensure complex investment realization – starting with document preparation, technical support, design preparation, through investor supervision, being substitute investor, investment management up to final financial investment settlement, start up and other activities necessary for final acceptance of the investment.


Contract for supervision S-61 Ostrów Mazowiecka – Szczuczyn is signed

July 1, 2020

01.07.2020 ECM Group Polska S.A. and Generalna Dyrekcja Dróg Krajowych i Autostrad signed the contract for supervision of designing and works realization and contract management for the investment “Design and construction of express road S-61 Ostrów Mazowiecka – Szczuczyn, section cord Łomża S (with cord) – cord Łomża N (without cord)

Supervision service covers: obligations according to contractual conditions especially mutual compatibility, verification of the control calculation to find eventual mistakes, management, investor supervision and works control up to the date of final payment certificate, information activity, promotional activity related to the realized project, cooperation with the Client, reporting according to EU standards, investor supervision of civil works, participation in guarantee service, supervision of eventual mistakes correction, performance according to requirements of Infrastructure and Environment Program, supporting the Client as loyal and honest advisor in all activities related to the project, supervision on additional works necessary to realize the project .