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Agreement for the Expansion of the Intermodal Container Terminal in Gdańsk Signed

January 7, 2024

On June 17, 2014, representatives of the Management Board of the Gdańsk Seaport and the Investment Supervision Services signed an agreement for the implementation of tasks within the project: “Expansion of the intermodal container terminal in the area of the Szczecin Quay in the Port of Gdańsk.”

The investment includes the expansion and modernization of infrastructure for the future container terminal located in the area of the Szczecin Quay. The aim of the project is to improve the technology and quality of service of the “intermodal transport port link.” The scope of the project involves increasing the storage, communication, and parking areas, as well as organizing water and sewage management with the provision of media supplies, area lighting, and fencing. The project will enhance the quality of service for road-maritime, rail-road-maritime, and rail-maritime transport in terms of unit service time and improvements in container handling and storage.

The goal of the project is to align the transshipment capacities of all the terminal’s operational elements, i.e., the storage and handling capacities of the area adjacent to the quay with the quay’s transshipment capacities.

The total value of the implemented project exceeds 44.6 million PLN.

Photo by Kacper Kowalski / Gdańsk Seaport Authority SA