We ensure complex investment realization – starting with document preparation, technical support, design preparation, through investor supervision, being substitute investor, investment management up to final financial investment settlement, start up and other activities necessary for final acceptance of the investment.



We will be supervising the construction of the Inowrocław bypass

December 18, 2023

On March 19, 2015, in Bydgoszcz, between: the State Treasury – General Director of National Roads and Motorways, and the consortium of companies: ECMG GmbH – a subsidiary of ECM Group Polska S.A. and SGS Polska Sp. z o.o., an agreement was signed for the supervision of the design and implementation of Works and contract management for the construction of the Inowrocław bypass along national road No. 15 and 25. Stage I from DK 15 to DK 25.

The agreement includes performing duties such as: supervising the design, verifying project documentation for completeness and mutual consistency, verifying the results of control calculations to identify possible errors; managing, providing investor supervision, and monitoring the execution of works until the issuance of the Final Payment Certificate; conducting informational and promotional activities related to the project’s implementation and cooperation in this regard with the GDDKiA services; fulfilling reporting obligations arising from EU procedures and cooperation in this regard with the GDDKiA services; providing investor supervision services for the execution of construction works and participating in warranty reviews and monitoring the removal of any defects/flaws identified in warranty reviews, under the Contract; performing tasks in accordance with the requirements and guidelines of the POIiŚ; supporting the Ordering Party as a loyal and conscientious advisor in all activities related to the implementation of the Project.


As part of the construction of the bypass for Inowrocław along National Road No. 15 and 25, Phase I from DK 15 to DK 25 includes the following elements: the construction of a GP class road approximately 18.9 km in length, three road interchanges, access roads, pedestrian and bicycle paths, engineering structures along the bypass and at the intersections with the bypass, including viaducts and bridges, engineering structures (grade-separated crossings) at the intersection of the bypass (national road) with the railway line, reconstruction of existing roads in the area where they intersect with the bypass, and the removal of railway level crossings.