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The railway connects Silesia and Greater Poland

December 18, 2023

The revitalization of the railway line from Kalety to Kluczbork will bring several benefits, including new tracks, higher train speeds, platforms accessible for people with disabilities, and increased railway safety. The project, managed by the Polish Railway Lines and overseen by ECM Group Polska, is nearing completion. By the end of this year, the travel time between Katowice and Poznań will be reduced by up to 1.5 hours.

The main task of the Engineer (according to the FIDIC “Yellow Book” conditions) is to manage and administer, on behalf of the Employer, the contract for the design and execution of works, as well as overseeing the implementation and settlement of the works. As part of the investment, viaducts, bridges, and culverts are being renewed, railway-road crossings are being renovated, and old railway turnouts are being replaced to ensure smoother traffic flow and improved safety.

Since mid-March 2015, work has been ongoing at the Koszęcin and Kalety stations and on the connecting railway line. New tracks have already been laid on almost the entire nearly 70-kilometer route. As a result, once all the work is completed, passenger trains will be able to accelerate to 120 km/h in the second half of the year.

Renovated Platforms

  • Just a few years ago, the railway infrastructure on this route was outdated. Now it looks completely different. Residents of Lubliniec and the towns along the Kalety-Kluczbork route can use safe and comfortable platforms,” said Edward Maniura, the mayor of Lubliniec, during a press conference. In my opinion, this investment can significantly increase the number of passengers on this important railway line. The promised fast connections to larger cities and a comfortable journey will certainly encourage residents of Lubliniec to switch from cars to trains.

W ramach prowadzonej na zlecenie PKP Polskich Linii Kolejowych S.A. rewitalizacji, odnowiono już perony w Kluczborku, Bąkowie, Oleśnie Śląskim, Sierakowie Śląskim, Lublińcu i Rusinowicach. Remont obiektów zostanie przeprowadzony jeszcze w Sowczycach, Ciasnej i Koszęcinie. Funkcjonalność peronów poprawią nowe wiaty, ławki i tablice informacyjne. Likwidacja barier architektonicznych na większości obiektów spowoduje, że oferta kolei będzie bardziej dostępna dla osób o ograniczonej możliwości poruszania się czy podróżnych z cięższym bagażem.

Revitalization Figures:

  • Planned total project cost: 408.467 million Polish złoty
  • 138 kilometers of track to be replaced
  • 77 switches to be replaced
  • 43 railway-road crossings to be renovated
  • 24 viaducts and bridges to be renovated
  • 15 platforms to be revitalized