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The Cornerstone of Pszczyna Cultural Center

April 22, 2022

On April 21 representatives of ECM Group Polska S.A, Pszczyna Town Hall (the investor) and Budimex (Contractor) incorporated the cornerstone into the Foundations of Pszczyna Cultural Center.

This is one of the largest investments in the municipality and in the county. Civil works started in January 2022. until now the foundations of the new building are completed. Now the load bearing walls are under construction.

“As it can be seen the works are going on,. This investment will have the big impact in this region. It has a big artistic value for local community. Looking at the scope of works it looks like a big Cultural Center not a minor one” said Jakub Chełstowski (the Silesian Voivodship) during the ceremony.

Pszczyna has been waiting for the project like this for a long time. Apart from the concert hall for 500 people we will also have cinema, that our town lacked for 15 years. We started the investment in difficult moment, because of pandemic and the war in Ukraine, but thanks to good cooperation we hope the investment will be finished on time” – said Dariusz Skrobol, the Mayor of Pszczyna.

Pszczyna Cultural Center is designed to be three floor building, with total height of 12,5 m. The building total volume is 23,.580 m3, its usable area – 2.544 m2, net area – 3.345 m2. The theatre hall included in the project will be equipped in 492 seats plus 4 additional seats for disables. The designed cinema can be visited by 142 people. Additionally there will be separate dance practice hall and dedicated workshops used for variety of educational or artistic purposes.