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“Podłęże – Piekiełko” commencement of phase III of works

January 8, 2024

On January 7, 2018, ECM Group Polska S.A. began phase III of supervision over the implementation of the Investment Task “Construction of a new railway line Podłęże – Szczyrzyc – Tymbark/Mszana Dolna and modernization of the existing railway line No. 104 Chabówka – Nowy Sącz, consisting of supporting the Client in the stage of developing documentation, verification, and recommendation of optimal solutions proposed by the Designer.

The result of the commencement of this phase is the signing by PKP Polish Railway Lines S.A. of a contract for 180 million PLN net for the development of design documentation for the construction of a new line connecting Podłęże with Tymbark and Mszana Dolna.


The documentation contractor will provide PKP Polish Railway Lines S.A. with studies necessary for land acquisition and construction works, including: spatial-program concept, construction and execution designs, administrative decisions. It will also prepare tender materials required to announce tender procedures for construction works.

Further stages of the investment relate to the modernization of the railway line No. 104 between Chabówka and Nowy Sącz, and the construction of a new route, connecting Podłęże with Tymbark and Mszana Dolna.

The contract for the development of design documentation is the largest in the history of Polish railways in terms of scope. The new route will require, among others, the construction of 58 km of new railway lines, 11 tunnels, 8 viaducts, 20 bridges, and over 30 overpasses. The existing 75-kilometer line between Chabówka and Nowy Sącz will be modernized. – said Ireneusz Merchel, President of PKP Polish Railway Lines S.A.

The final result of the project will be to provide better connections between the regions of southern Lesser Poland (Tatras, Beskids, Gorce) with Krakow and other large agglomerations, by drastically reducing travel time. The new line will ensure smoother journeys, more convenient and faster rail access to tourist destinations. The industrial and economic importance of the Sądecczyzna, Limanowszczyzna, and Podhale regions will increase. Residents of towns along the new line will gain access to convenient communication. According to the analyses conducted within the framework of the study, the project will enable comfortable and safe travel on the Kraków – Zakopane route, in less than 2 hours on the Kraków Główny – Nowy Sącz section, below 1 hour.

The investment will also significantly affect rail freight transport. The expanded network will create favorable conditions for transports between the south and north of Europe on the Baltic – Balkans – Black Sea axis and will relieve the heavily exploited freight lines of Upper Silesia. It will also fill a gap in the complementary TEN-T (Trans-European Transport Network), serving as a part of the AGTC C30/1 corridor and the newly designed RFC11 “Amber” rail freight corridor.

Phases II and III will be implemented in 2020-24 and 2020-27, respectively. The value of the “Podłęże – Piekiełko” investment, along with the modernization of the Chabówka – Nowy Sącz line, is estimated at over 7 billion PLN.