We ensure complex investment realization – starting with document preparation, technical support, design preparation, through investor supervision, being substitute investor, investment management up to final financial investment settlement, start up and other activities necessary for final acceptance of the investment.


Signing of the contract with IKEA Retail

October 3, 2022

02.11.2020 in Janki between ECM Group Poland S.A. and INGKA Centres Polska Sp. z o.o. represented by IKEA RETAIL Sp. z o.o. the contract was signed. The scope of contract covered acting as Investment Supervision Team during design – formal phase and execution phase while realizing the project of rebuilding of existing traffic cord in the road No. 902, km 14+837,00 with accompanying infrastructure in Zabrze, from Lompy street to south connection of the cord for newly designed IKEA market in Zabrze.

Signing of the contract with IKEA Retail